Abusive, stalking ex boyfriend

Abusive, stalking ex boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here is Jason Beilhartz of Hamilton, Ontario. He recently was dumped by his ex girlfriend, due to his abuse, lack of communication, and how much a goof he is towards women. He hits her, abuses her mentally and emotionally. He doesn’t help with anything, and can never stay sober, and hold a job. She was always stuck paying for everything whIle he slept all day, and took off all night on her and the kids to get drunk. He doesn’t do anything for his child, he uses excuses that he doesn’t work or see her enough so why should he pay for her or pay support. He sleeps around, and tells everyone his ex is crazy and how he never abused her. When he pleaded guilty to assault.

Now that his ex left him, and she’s trying to move forward, he’s not having it. Now he’s harassing her. Stalking her every move. He threatens her friends and family. Shows up at peoples houses looking for her, and tells her he’s going to sabotage her life forever. He needs help! An needs to leave her alone. Grow up Jason and leave the girl be! You caused her so much trauma she can’t even leave her house without thinking you’re following her or going to jump out of no where and harm her or her friends. Stay away from her. And learn that you ruined your relationship. Stop trying to run her life and tell her what to do. She told him over 3 weeks ago it was over. Since then? He hasn’t stopped harassing her. Now he’s crying over her and bagging her back and how he’ll change for the better. To him threatening her and getting mad because she won’t run back to him.


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  1. SssssforsupermanMarch 8, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    So, worried about this guy yet having a conversation with Darrell who is up on charges for sexual assault and theft of 5k.

    • DeadpoolJuly 10, 2018 at 7:24 PM

      His convo between him and I, was me yelling at him, because finally someone reported him. When he’s done this to many women, nice comment tho.

  2. Jessica is a whoreDecember 17, 2017 at 3:55 PM

    Who’s writing this post??? It wouldn’t be Jessica fat ass McLeod would it??
    Your a loser too, you let him beat you, you choose to keep him after her beat you the first time.
    P.s I know for a fact that you were the one whoreing around , not him.
    Nice try fat ass stinky slut.
    Take care of ur kid and stop having the nig nog watching her, you don’t even pick up you kid on time.
    Lol gtfoh and stop making people feel sorry for your pathetic life.

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