Adam seaward – Jail bird for life or junkie?

Adam seaward – Jail bird for life or junkie?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Adam… You have a lot of growing up to do buddy. Such a disappointment to your family, let alone a little someone who will never be able to know who you are. Due to you choosing needles, tinfoil, and becoming a downtown 👻. Who everyone refers to as the feign on his bike… You’ve legit stolen from good people, broke an amazing persons heart… You lost some incredible characteristics to you, unfortunately because you became this monster, for what? To lose everything in the end? Open your eyes, and get your shit together Adam! Once upon a time, you actually had potential, and were intelligent…. Don’t lose that over drugs…. SMH. BTW. Tell Heather, FG said what’s up? ;) P.s please come get your clothes from my house… Instead of running to daddy’s for the little bit you do have there. Your toothbrush, razors, etc… In the bag here. Like ew… How do you sleep at night? 🤭😘 love you booboo.

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  1. WakandaAugust 26, 2018 at 9:22 PM

    Jessica why do you always date addicts. Like you have to no be a druggie yourself. Where is you kid. Hail, I swear every relationship has resulted in getting your a55 beat or he’s a theft n on drugs.

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