Agnieszka Murray is an escort and a thief

Agnieszka Murray is an escort and a thief

THE DIRTY ARMY: Have to be honest about this chick — WATCH OUT. Agnieszka Murray and I met a few years back , when she was providing “services”. I invited her over to my condo, we got undressed and we did our thing. Went to the bathroom afterwards and later realized my wallet and watch were missing. When I asked her about it she played dumb but then started screaming and called what I assume was her pimp. Since I live in a building with others I was concerned about the commotion, and she ran off.

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  1. WowAugust 14, 2018 at 8:41 AM

    Not sure who would sleep with that, that nose looks worse than squidward and her eyelashes ain’t helping