THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, stay away from this Hamilton white boy named Taylor Arsenault who attends Mohawk college. He’s known as Taylor the line taker meaning it don’t matter what kinda line you put in front of him this man will take it. Even off a stripper’s ass. I would know, it was almost off my ass. He came to the club sometime last month with a couple of his buddies and I guess just wanted a good time? I came over to him and asked him if he wanted to go for a dance, but he suggested he wanted to go into one of the private rooms with me so I said okay, follow me. I took him to the room where he just dropped his pants wanting me to do sexual favors for free I don’t know what kind of drugs this guy was on. But clearly it was some toxic sh*t. He was very wide eyed and could barley stand straight, almost rocking back and forth, so I said if he wanted me to do anything it would cost double for me to even have to deal with this guy. And he just looked at me and pulled out a bag of light brown powder and pushed me down and forcefully tried to put a line on my ass so he could take it. I refused and got up fast and said he needed to leave, so he took a key from his pocket and sniffed some off it to get more f**ked up. At this point I tried to leave, but he apologized, steady promising he wouldn’t cause anymore trouble. I guess the man was broke, too, cause he refused to pay me at the end of the dance, claiming he had no money, not even in his bank ….I then had to get my bouncers to remove him from the property. On his way out he was eyeing all the girls in the club, winking, smirking, etc on his way out as if any of them were going to follow a broke man outside. Later, after he was escorted out, his friends followed. No idea what to say about this but this guy is a pure creep. I suggest anyone to stay away. And that’s from a stripper speaking. Girls, stay away. No dances for this man. And for his girlfriend I suggests that she gets checked. Who knows what else this man does on the low.

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  1. Tipsy dailyJanuary 25, 2018 at 4:39 PM

    If this story is true…how do you know his name if you’re a stripper?
    No wonder you’re a stripper, your story is boring and has a ton of mistakes.
    I think you should not go on the dirty and go back to night school.