Christina Nancy Harris of Hamilton

Christina Nancy Harris of Hamilton

THE DIRTY AMRY: Nik, this girl will use a a person till they’re dead in the ground. She got her younger brother addicted to meth while she then cost him in to sleeping with her. She then moved on op his friend and used him, robbed him, had him home invaded, and still f**ks him around. Even know he has a big heart. Now she’s still running around and stealing and using people who try to help her. Remember the name and the face- Christina Nancy Harris.

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  1. Karma bitchFebruary 22, 2019 at 6:45 AM

    This girl also has 2 children with her cousin…. but she lost them 2 cas because of her drug addiction the father’s sister so also her cousin has custody of both her kids she doesn’t care 2 keep a relationship with them because she is a s*** mother and chose drugs over those poor poor incested children