Jamar Johnson — Narcissist, Manipulator, User BEWARE

Jamar Johnson — Narcissist, Manipulator, User BEWARE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Six Months ago I thought I met the greatest man I have ever met. We were long distance because of work at first but then he returned home and invited himself by deception to move into my home, tried to tear me away from my family, friends, job, life.. to cater to him and his constant victim mind games. He has a medical condition and plays on heart strings, wants pity and attention constantly. He then made up constant “needs” and maxed out a credit card over 6 grand!!!!! Then conveniently disappeared completely when the money ran out!!!! This man plays on weaknesses and sucks you dry of everything emotionally financially and mentally. Will completely ruin your whole life and claim you were the one who did him wrong. Please do not fall for this fukery … Save yourself so much time money and pain… please……


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  1. SammyOctober 11, 2018 at 10:51 PM

    Jamar is a loser -from the get go when I first met him he was a low life POS-long time welfare recipient.
    You should have realized that within a week when you realized he had more pocket lint then money
    Jamal lol typical low class brother

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