Jamie Bullock — Dirty Little Fuk Bag

Jamie Bullock — Dirty Little Fuk Bag

THE DRITY ARMY: This pig right here has slept with almost every black guy in Hamilton, Simcoe, St. Catherines and beyond. She has been married 3 times but still cheats on her husband. Her kids are left alone all the time while she goes out and parties. Her house is filled with bugs, dirt and is infested with cockroaches, she lives in housing because her a55 is too stupid to go out and get a job. Her last boyfriend she put in jail and then racked up his credit card and got another one in his name and racked that up too. She has slept with so many men and has not been checked by a doctor to see if she has any DRD’s. Watch out guys she will fuk anything and then when you turn her down will throw you in jail. She has taught her kids to steal from Walmart and Dollarama and she has even racked up credit cards and bills in her kids name because she has ripped off every money mart, cash place in Hamilton and beyond. She is a despicable human being and since she had gastric bypass surgery she looks old and her skin is all loose and gross. Be advised men and women because she has cheated with all of her best friend’s husbands and she will not hesitate to do it too you. Disgusting sloot, slore, fuking worst parent ever right here.


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  1. You already knoFebruary 2, 2019 at 10:04 AM

    hahaha omg!! Ive been waiting for this nasty cvm dumpster to b posted. She’s been leaving her kids alone since they were under 8 yrs old . She’s money hungry abuses the system and exhausts all black dik she can. This biih has a scar on her head she’ll never forget where it came from… I would love to know who posted her so I could congratulate them. She has ppl live with her stnk a55 in housing paying her rent while they sleep on her couch N she fukks their men. Good thing her 2nd husband got away from this trifling mess. She threw him N jail and had him deported becuz he left her a55 for a REAL WOMAN and knew he would be just fine without her… great job poster … let the while world know bout her and what ever happen to her duke girlfriend Amy? ??

  2. Blast from the pastOctober 27, 2018 at 5:50 PM

    This nasty has always been a dirty pig even when she lived in Brennan house her sister April has DRDs and was on the news giving men DRDs they have always been a nasty family eww Jamie you never learn onkie on you fat pig

  3. ChantelleOctober 24, 2018 at 3:23 PM

    Ewww this troll is a real loser . She once came into the money mart that work at and started to curse and threaten me. Because I wouldn’t cash her cheque. She was under suspicion of fraud.

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