Jeff Johnston ( Junkie Jeff)

Jeff Johnston ( Junkie Jeff)

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pc of Sh8t avoid at all costs ladies. He has 6 kids from various girls and pays no support for any of them. He lost custody of his kids for smoking meth and fentynal off tinfoil more then once. Photos prove this sick POSs collection of burnt tinfoil and empty drug baggies. He posted on this site a picture of this girl beside him (Charlene Jackson) slaming her with 100% lies. Hes butt hurt because she threw his azz out and away from her children because he wouldnt stop smoking his sh1t off tinfoil. He he desnt work and hasnt worked in over 10 yrs and survives off his girlfriends child tax credit. He begs his parents for money lying saying its for food for his kids and he spends the money on Meth and Fentynal, He then takes his kids to Walmart with empty bags and gets them to decoy for him as he walks out with shopping carts full of groceries. WHAT KIND OF FATHER DOES THIS? jUNKIE jEFF THATS WHO. cHARLENE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS pos AND THREW HIM OUT AND HE POST TRASH ABOUT HER? HE IS A SCUM BAG PEOPLE A TRUE LOSER. Please ladies if you meet him RUN He has Fked up many families including his own. a useless POS who is now exposed. His 11 yr old daughter has witnessed him smoking his sh1t off tinfoil many times. he lays around in bed most days. he went and picked up his 4 yr old son from school came home and the 4 yr old boy was found blocks away by contruction workers an hr later trying to cross a busy street and they called the police…. Jeff was found in the bedroom passed out with burned foil around him. Ladies dont let this POS Con you into your life. Everything that comes out of his face is a lie

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  1. Close family friendDecember 7, 2018 at 7:22 AM

    Charlene was smoking it with him she was just as guilty char don’t even have her kids now because she’s an addict

  2. Cherry BalmDecember 5, 2018 at 3:42 PM

    You seem to have more of an issue with burnt tinfoil than his actual behaviour….