Hamiltons ditch – Macy Lazor

Hamiltons ditch – Macy Lazor

THE DIRTY ARMY:  this b1tch is so nasty. she smells like dog pee and vingaer. she thinks shes the most innocent human ever but really she is a dirty sl*t. found this b1tch in the closet wit no pants on while crying saying she is sorry and threating to call police because i was gonna smash her. for the last 4 years this b1tch was sleeping with my brother but being sneaky sleeping with my guy friends then my boyfriend. she use to work at a tanning salon and would f*ck her boss in the back room. she has had enough abortions that the clinic should start charging her its not birth control b1tch!!!!!! this b1tch has been a slut since 12. she tells about every guy she’s with that shez a virgin but all truth is that she lost her vcard at the age of 12 to her brothers friend. shes a bar hoe and proud. macey lazor is a 2 timing skank and everyone knows it.

— D.A. what is with all the trunks on these submissions?


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  1. DS HAMarch 8, 2019 at 3:55 PM

    This post is due to a fall down junkie, heroin addict who is her ex ROBBIE YOUNG and his ugly fat pig of a girlfriend LAUREN MAJOR who got her kid taken away from smoking meth and shooting up heroin, these two are truly meant 2 be, I known Mace her whole life and she’s none of the above, this post is out of jealousy, Robbie you better hope u both OD before I catch ya sincerely H.A