Michelle Macdonald — Watch Out For This DRD Infested Drug Head

Michelle Macdonald — Watch Out For This DRD Infested Drug Head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gentlemen watch out for this Dirty STD infected Slore, her name is Michelle Macdonald from Cambridge originally from Tottenham then moved to Kitchener, this b1tch will sleep with anyone that has a d1ick or pays her any attention, you got drugs and booze then your in, this dirty b1tch will negelect her kids and leave them to do drugs, drink, and fuck anyone she can, then the next day she will message you thousands of times telling you that she loves you!!! Michelle get your shit to together get off the drugs and booze and get of welfare get a job and stay out of business that has nothing to do with you!!

This b1tch lives starting drama and getting in everyone’s business and none of it envolves her, pretty sad your ex Tylor is out robbing stores and people while your at home getting fuked up on drugs and sleeping with whoever you can, this bitch even fuked her own brother in law that is a child molester!! Michelle Macdonald you are the biggest piece of trash Cambridge has seen!! That city is a good place for you lots of trash and drugs you must be in heaven!! Gents if you have been with this fat ugly disgusting pig then you better arrange a appointment with the Doctor right away!! You have been warned!! This b1tches house is so dirty and smelly you could catch something just off her couch!! Michelle have a shower you stinky fat b1tch I am sure you make your parents real proud you drug addicted drunk Slore!


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  1. AmandaAugust 7, 2018 at 8:20 AM

    This Pig lives on Kelvin ave, Dirty slore got drunk one night and thought she was tough, left her kids at home and came up to my apartment, knocked on the door all hammered and high on drugs, and then says I heard you called me a b1tch, I said yes I did call you a b1tch told her she was fat and ugly slammed the door on her face, not sure what she wanted, but this pig was always outside drinking and doing drugs, the front of the building looked like trash because of her friends always sitting out front, Toys everywhere and dirty kids running around everywhere, this girl is disgusting and I suggest anyone to stay away from here, dirty little slore

  2. Disease FreeAugust 7, 2018 at 7:11 AM

    This Dirty b1tch used to live in my Apartment building in Kitchener, Complete trash, She would sit out front the building drinking beer, doing drugs, as her dirty ugly kids ran around the building, this b1tch would keep her big a55 dog locked in a little bedroom and not take it outside, she would sit out there with her trashy family from the trailer park – jail drinking etc, this bitch is No stranger to the dope house, she was always going there for something, Think she is a prostitute to I use to see numerous guys coming and going, complete trashy pig

  3. StreetsJuly 31, 2018 at 3:35 AM

    Seen this Girl around my house, always looks high or drunk, her kids run around doing whatever they want, and Michelle wears the same clothes for a week at a time, The look like a trashy bunch to say the least. Welcome to Waterloo region