Miles Brush and chantelle Marie Crawford

Miles Brush and chantelle Marie Crawford

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Miles brush and Chantelle Marie Crawford are the most dirties people I know. Miles is a cheater and a loser who doesn’t know how to treat anyone and only thinks about himself he just as dirty he is a cheater and abustive towards girls when he doesn’t get what he wants or hears what he wants he will go cheat on you with this chantelle loser who is just as nasty as he is the cas is in her life already because her house is so bad and smelly dirty doahea everywhere and nothing ever clean.i was with miles brush and he was mean he from port Sydney/ Huntsville and is wanted for in paid tickets and he is a theif so watch out for these two people as they live right here in Hamilton there no good pair and dirty cas is looking for chantelle Crawford and she goes by many different names not to me to not to mention he smokes in fort of a kid that isn’t his and she had him pussy wiped she is controlling and he is pussy wipped but this nasty loser chantelle.why would you even take that nastiness back when she stoled $700 off you and threw out all your cloths when you came running back to me crying you where in the wrong and made a mistake well guess what birches you both can fuck off and o ya he cheated on me on Christmas and knocked the bitch up and cas will be involed if not baby will get taken away of anything..two loser who just need to leave Hamilton and do back to Huntsville where his mommy pays for everything even a new car because he drives around with no insurance no licence nothing until mommy came to the rescue with a new car and plates and everything like miles brush grow the fuck up stop relying on others to get you out of the whole with the police .your 28 years old so isn’t it about time you grow up and get a real job and stop counting on mommy for everything??

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  1. AnonnomysOctober 6, 2018 at 12:26 PM

    Oh i know chantel very well she lied to my friend and stole money galore of him we used to be friends till she came to my place and i found her in bed with my husband yea shes nasty nd her a55 needs a beating she dont deserve kids period she should be sewn shut