Rose “Alex” Brookes (Brookez)

Rose “Alex” Brookes (Brookez)

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Rose “Alex” Brookes is a nasty slore who will sleep with anybody. She is illiterate and useless, doesn’t work and never has. She moves from BF to BF draining the poor guy who is involved with her of everything. Thief, liar and cheater. She looks totally gross with the nastiest smelling/looking pu55y. She sent me nasty pics of it, email Vic.r******[email protected] to see them. Rose should be avoided at all costs. She gave me an DRD years ago when I dated and later lived with this skank. BEWARE

— Buffett to buffett.

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  1. BrookezJune 1, 2019 at 5:41 AM

    Yes she is a lazy psycho b1tch I was married to her for 8years until she wanted me to have a baby with another woman and found her hurting my too youngest children I had enough said wanted a divorce Chase me out of the house with big bucher knife the lied and said that had abuse her which I have never hurt woman in my life nor never will she took a spot at a battered women’s shelter were someone who actually could have need it then got shelter to get her a 3 bedroom townhouse when the kids were given to me there father anyway everyone look out for her she’s not right in the head and she needs to lose my last name