Sydney Dupuis(Candymay) of Hamilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this welland gem Sydney Dupuis escorts herself out of her family home and sells party favors to strange men on the internet. She goes by Candy, her “online persona.” When she’s not doing that, she’s hotboxing the kids with cigs or weed in her car and home. She has everybody trained to believe a different story about her, she’s a pathological liar that cant even keep track of her stories, but she is really an alcoholic who acts as if she were on Teen Mom.

This woman has NEVER held a job and lavishes herself with her government money. It must be the air in Welland. No job, yet she drinks like a fish, you do the math. Many men message her all hours of the day to hookup and sext with her, so if your husband or boyfriend knows her, you might want to check what they’re talking about.

Sydney is a pathological liar and a professional victim, so if she has a sob story for you, its probably 90% fictional. Everybody needs to know theyre being duped. She will run through a circle of friends like nobodys business. Even her best friends, she has no loyalty or respect. She’s cheated on EVERY boyfriend she’s ever had and uses the fact that she owns a house (from inheritance) to look like a normal non succubus woman. This post is on behalf of everyone who thinks she’s genuine. See the light my friends.

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  1. Syds#1 FanJune 9, 2018 at 11:33 PM

    To whatever immature idiot who has aboslutely no life who took the time to write something so hilariously absurd . you may want to stop reflecting how you feel about yourself and your life regrets on other people you low life. If you have this much time to attempt to humiliate someone then you may want to re evaulate your life. And get a job and maybe a doctor and counseler to uncover and deal with the unsolved issues withen yourself . im sorry you feel so bad about yourself that you have to try to make someone else look bad. Syd is a kick a55 mom and a wicked person . sorry she decided you werent good enough to be in her life which is clearly what has upset you so much ( again this is where getting help from a proffessional comes in handy) anyway best of luck to you in your future which probably does not exsist since this is what youve decided to do with yourself.