Theron Wood — The-Ron God’s gift to women spreading the gift of DRDs

Theron Wood — The-Ron God’s gift to women spreading the gift of DRDs

THE DIRTY ARMY:  OK Niki I have a really good one here for you this is Theron Wood aka The-Ron the most manliest of men he thinks he’s God’s gift to women this man is so pathetic he used the fact that his dog got attacked by Coyotes to get laid you can find him on all the dating sites he uses women takes all he can from them if your father doesn’t have a good job he won’t talk to you because you don’t have any connections for him he will fuk you without a condom and give you his DRD he’s just spreading all the love for the holiday seasons he just used my friend she has a child and he took advantage of her and her child took all there money so he would buy drugs of course he didn’t use a condom when he slept with her he swore to God that he didn’t have anything then she found out he was basically living at his ex’s house who he claimed to be his best friend but it turned out he was fuking her the whole time this man thinks it’s all right to go around and use women take advantage of them beat them steal from their children but it’s okay because he’s a Godly Man he’s a good Christian

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  1. Super Mario Bros5050January 2, 2019 at 1:05 PM

    see reading this half of it really doesn’t make sense, and it just sounds like someone is just way too mad and needs to get a life and move on this is pathetic like this is really annoying being posted over and over poster you need to stop bring up new material of someone else????

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