Trisina Hamilton — Gets Exposed

Trisina Hamilton — Gets Exposed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey.This is Trisina Hamilton and I feel as if the world ( or at least this city) should know what she and her family are all about. First of all she works with kids for a living yet she used to be a strip and is addicted to speed. (hey, could me meth though right?) She also runs a bakery out of her apartment and doesn’t wash her hands and even uses dirty pans and utensils when preparing orders. Although worthy mentions, thatisn’t why I’m posting her. I’m posting her because she has kept in contact with a few guys she met while stripping and is escorting in Toronto a few nights a week even though she has a boyfriend who loves her and doesn’t deserve this at all. Rita Hamilton ( her mother) just divorced her dad ( Darcy Hamilton) because he was apparently a depressed drunk ( Devan’s own words) and went after him for alimony and is using the money to party and do drugs with her new boyfriend and Trisina. At this point the majority of their drug use is recreational, except for Trisina’s speed habit. I’m not gonna sit here and lie and call them drug full blown junkies yet, but that’s eventually gonna be the end result here. Her brother (Devan Hamilton) just ran off and disappeared because he was in debt 15k and people found out he was gay and I hear Trisina is the reason he went into debt. These people aren’t the worst type, not even clsoe. I just think her boyfriend has the right to know that he’s getting played. That’s all. – A Concerned Citizen

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  1. ToniOctober 21, 2018 at 7:55 AM

    Lollll, this girl went to my high-school and was the biggest slut at Bishop Ryan. She was the easy fat cheerleader :)

  2. marbleblueSeptember 5, 2018 at 7:32 PM

    haha ok. probably just a customer who couldn’t afford her baked goods. or a gay man who couldn’t get the guy he wanted and has to slam her brother online behind a screen like a b1tch. move along kid. the world has bigger issues than yours.

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