Warning About Kristen Kimberly Baker of Hamilton

Warning About Kristen Kimberly Baker of Hamilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you gotta post this crack floozy of a pet owner Kristen Kimberly Baker. I know a few people that have lived with her and I’ve gone to see them and omg the smell coming from that apartment because of her farm she has there is just rancid. Let me tell you a few things.

1: She has 7-8 cats and dogs living with her. Yes, I mean 7-8 of each!!!!

2: She cares more about having weed and smokes then she does about food and litter for her animals.

3; She lets her dogs sh*t wherever they want to, which will be seen in the pictures as she placed newspaper down for them which they don’t use.

4: She has a 17-18 year old dog that she keeps letting get pregnant so she can sell off the puppies. She does the same with her other female dog and also does it with her female cats.

5: She’s an ex crackhead, hence why she has no teeth.

She honestly thinks she’s god’s gift to men, but she can’t even keep a bf more then a month or two because they realize that she’s a cave troll that doesn’t shower. She will use men till she gets what she wants, then when they go to leave her, she will threaten to kill herself. She kicks people out that stay with her when they stand up for themselves against her. She tries to control everything everyone does because she’s an immature adult child that thinks it’s all about her.

She’s saying that she’s her mothers power of attorney, when In reality it’s her grandmother. She’s pretty much running a puppy mill out of where she lives. She owes money for weed and smokes that she will never pay. I hope to god that someday she finds out what it’s like to have her life f**ked with like she does to others. She spreads lies like wildfire. She doesn’t even know the truth anymore. This crack floozy needs a reality check and badly!!!!!!!!


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