Kylee Methot – Nyphomaniac Pepsi Head

Kylee Methot – Nyphomaniac Pepsi Head

THE DIRTY ARMY:  So there’s this girl. Kylee Methot. Total skank. She’s got a loose p*ssy, steals people’s boys and will do just about anything for a line of pepsi. Every time I see her out on the town she’s a mess. Her jaw won’t stop going back and forth, can’t stop moving her hands and talks a million miles per minute. I swear she goes home with a new guy from the bars every weekend and likes to fuk guys twice her age. Hmm wonder why? The few times I have partied with her I’ve watched her do some vile and disgusting things. Like letting people snort pepsi off her t*t’s and having three sums with people she barely knows. One time I watched her get double teamed by two guys who couldn’t even get it up because they were all so pepsied out. Even the people closest to her can’t stand her and her wild antics. She’s constantly fuking over and manipulating boys that she lets in her life. Every dude that’s talked to her or fuked with her for a bit knows that this b*tch isn’t loyal. She’s always got more than 3 on the go. What a sneaky sloot. Not to mention her p*ssy looks like two stretched out and deflated bags *yikes*. Definitely a well used unit. She may have some nice features, but this girl is the devils floozy. Just give her a bag of pepsi and some G and she’ll be begging to do anything for you.

— OP sounds like someone may be feeling a little left out of the action.

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  1. HookerFebruary 19, 2019 at 2:28 PM

    Her mom also just killed herself out of nowhere… and she’s so young. how well would you be doing ??? Have some sympathy this is such a jealousy post lmao

  2. Evil-lynJune 18, 2018 at 6:28 PM

    So you’ve partied a couple times with her, and in those 2 times, SHE DID ALL THAT!? Whats her number, but not yours, you fat witch.