shaun avery jackson — woman beating drug dealing crackhead loser

shaun avery jackson — woman beating drug dealing crackhead loser

THE DIRTY ARMY:This guy’s gf came up to me a month ago poor girl is 100 pound single mother of 2 she was crying and shaking telling me the story of how on their way from lytton where he was working to merit where she lives he got upset and grabbed her and started beating her while he was driving acting like an animal and not letting go. he tossed her phone out the window as she got terrified for her life she grabbed the wheel and crashed his white caddy into a ditch when she managed to escape and run down the road to get her phone and call for help. her friend came to get her and he tried to follow them until the cops came and he tried to fight with the cops… this guy is a 40 year old child his big reason for doing it was he has been trying to live up to his fathers expectations for years and cannot be the man he wanted him to be….bet he would be proud of the woman beater he became. I cannot stand any low life who thinks its okay to hit a woman in any case. this guy needs to be blasted. when confronting him telling him to stay away from my friend and my kids. he replied your daughter is beautiful you have nothing to worry about…sick fuk sad thing is she is still with him he prolly has her hooked on drugs by now feel free to text the woman beater leave him a nice msg tell him to try and not to beat her…. maybe give him some insentive or self reflection to change he also owns a pool installation and yard maintenance business out of barrier if you get your pool or yard done watch him around your kids and wives {redacted} blast him

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  1. barrier77March 29, 2019 at 10:02 PM

    so true this guy is such a goof seen him at mcdonalds hitting his son n screaming at his blond gf smacked his poor kid in the head a good one