Abi Rosella D’este – Bragger of Kelowna

Abi Rosella D’este – Bragger of Kelowna

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet the greasiest horse in town. Abi Rosella D’Este, she thinks she’s an actor, dancer, model, and mechanic but she’s just a fake and she knows it. FYI Abi you can’t dance or fix cars for your life. You cheat on all of your ex’s ( including me) sadly and it’s no town secret that you’re a floozy and suck at riding the bull at the Corral. Your smile is so fake it’s like you’re naaying everyday to the other poor horses out there with your gums. You’re shaped like a moving box and have saggy crosseyed looking t1ts but you think you’re hot sh1t and advertise yourself as a ” curvy model” while you’re the farthest thing from curves you’re just a straight line. Damn Ab even the horses are jealous of the mile of gums you have between your upper lip and front teeth. Also your ” live, love, laugh tattoo” is ugly as fuck and I don’t know why somebody would want grandma kitchen saying tattooed on them and your foot tattoo looks like a big giant bloody welt. You talk so much trash about all of your girlfriends wishing you were as pretty and successful as they are, and by the way you’re right.. they ARE way prettier and more successful than you will ever be. F*ck, I feel bad for your nigga baby as it’s name is pretty black, you may as well name your text one DaQuan or FriedChickenEsha’. Its f*ckin embarrassing to always see you begging for free baby shit all the time and stuff for your house on facebook. You should have thought better before having kids with a loser Ab. I guess you lost me by cheatin now it won’t be long until either your loser bf cheats on you or you cheat on him. either way karma is a b1tch Abi and so are you.

– OP she might have sucked at bull riding but is sounds like you had no problem saddling her.


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  1. Truth be toldAugust 17, 2018 at 1:46 PM

    I find this post very interesting. And I would just like to set some things straight. Everything that you have said on this post is bogus. And if you don’t believe what I’m about to say and you still want to fight the truth I’d be more than happy to post proof. She has never cheated, only been cheated on especially by her recent EX, who she broke up with two and a half years ago because he was cheating on her over Snapchat and and lied to her multiple different times about multiple different things. She gave him more chances than he ever deserved. And as for the not being a dancer? I believe if you check the Okanagan Sun cheerleaders page this year and last year she is a cheerleader / dancer for the team. And she has been hired by multiple different companies in Kelowna to choreograph dances for their events. And as for not being a good bull rider? Pretty sure if you check the okay Corral Facebook page she won the bikini bull riding contest, and placed first every single night of the competition. And as for being a floozy? Didn’t realize only sleeping with three men before she got married made you a floozy. And all three of those guys she was in a long-term relationship with. And as for not being a good model she has her own company and gets paid to model. And she’s never claimed to be a curvy model, and she’s never bragged about modeling. Also maybe you should check your facts on her child’s names and not being idiot and bring a child into a stupid disagreement. Her son’s name is not a black person’s name in anybody’s culture. And to end my argument I can think of a lot worse tattoos than live love laugh. At least she’s managed to stay positive and end up living a happy life and having a family where as it seems you have way too much time on your hands to run such a good person down. Get a life.

  2. Super dupperJune 14, 2018 at 4:51 AM

    Hahaha nik your so funny. I love ur comment at the end.