Kelowna’s nastiest dirtbag Manda Gehering

Kelowna’s nastiest dirtbag Manda Gehering

THE DIRTY ARMY:  I seriously can’t believe this disgusting slim ridden pice of sh1t isn’t already on here ..This diseased pig is named Amanda Gehering, but She is known by her floozy name Manda Joelle. This greasy slant eyed sloot will fuk practically anyone for any drug she can shoot, but shes known for being a meth and heroin junkie. She begs and bangs any back alley drug dealer to get free drugs and has already spread drds to 3 guys I know. She was living in Quesnel until she got kicked out of a woman’s shelter house for getting caught shooting up with her baby in her room. After they found needles hidden in the vents they kicked this waste of skin out and she lost her kid, good thing cause this lowlife was starving the kid and tried to trade the kid for drugs !!..If you’ve been to Kelowna then you’ve probably already had sex with her..or at least noticed your d1ck turned green and probably fell off.. if that’s not enough , since she’s such an ugly 5 doller slore it takes time for this joke to make a few bucks, so she steals. She got caught stealing used clothes and an Xbox from another floozy who beat her up while one of my friends recorded the whole ghetto throw down on video at the towns most apartment. This drd infested slore also thinks shes a harsh gangster drug dealer when she doops some poor sucker who ” she thinks is a drug dealer ” she begs them to let her sells to support her habit. As you can tell by the retarded looking caved in face, scabs, tracks or just the nasty stench of rotten tuna coming from her punched in crotch. This prize lost both of her kids because BOTH were born addicted to heroin and now live with the baby daddy’s mom cause the baby daddy was a junkie meth head also..why is it legal for these imbread spizzed out scabs to breed? This cvm dumpster needs to be put up on blast to warn everyone about this wart infested hood rat. Your probably better off fuking the slime in a drain pipe than getting more then 5 feet of this mangled beef mudflap gutter slore!!!

— OP I know B.C. banned drinking straws but did they ban hairbrushes too?

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  1. lolAugust 28, 2018 at 11:58 PM

    lol i know this chick

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