Amber Marie Kucher — Kucher Town Bicycle

Amber Marie Kucher — Kucher Town Bicycle

THE DRITY ARMY: Amber Kucher makes her rounds. She was with a really good man for 8 years and has 2 kids with him. He works away so she was able to do whatever she wanted. She ended up cheating on him for months before he kicked her a55 to the curb. Amber has since been with multiple men and has even given them DRD. She does not know which one it was from or who she has given it to. Basically her entire life has been a different man, one after the other. BE careful with this one. She looks and acts innocent but her poor children have to witness man after man, i wonder what they think about her, such a dirty disgusting person. YUCK. No regard for what her children have to endure. This is a serious warning

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  1. LovelyNovember 11, 2018 at 5:51 PM

    ahh its amber kucher, wow, this dumb bitch used to be all over my man, she just doesnt stop