Ben Vandermeer-Quon — No Treacherty Too Small

Ben Vandermeer-Quon — No Treacherty Too Small

THE DIRTY ARMY: Originally hailing from Whitby, Ontario, this wannabe Adonis is the worst kind of liar. After drifting about BC trying (and failing) at being a raft guide, he settled in Kelowna to spread his treachery and lies. After sponging off of, lying to and eventually cheating on his girlfriend for nearly two and a half years, Ben found some new friends to sponge off of. He found a new girl and began the cycle anew. Lies upon lies upon lies, including guilting whoever he was dating for even questioning his honesty when obvious red flags arose. The latest web of lies was finally exposed when Ben decided to bed his friends fiancee the very day they “took a break to work on things”. Fellas, if you have a girlfriend or wife, KEEP HIM AWAY FROM HER. Claiming he was single, or pretending to be polyamorous (you aren’t poly if you lie to everyone) he slept around quite a bit, very probably infecting every woman he laid hands on. This peice of trash has made a new career for himself working security at the Delta Grand. Between sneaking women into the hotel, having sex with the housekeepers, and sending nudes on shift and in uniform to whichever girl he happens to be grooming at the time, one wonders just how secure Kelownas largest hotel actually is.

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  1. GorequeenSeptember 28, 2018 at 12:49 PM

    Word is it was 5 women in as many months (that he would admit to) Apparantly he convinced the girl he was dating to take birth control so he could ditch the rubbers. Lied to her all the while.
    Poor thing.
    I guess he’s deleted his facebook out of shame.