Cody Broten — Lying live ruining cheating deadbeat meth head

Cody Broten — Lying live ruining cheating deadbeat meth head

THE DIRTY ARMY: This kid has been using meth since he was 15! Had a small clean break when he had his kid with hayden deloume. His son is now 2 and cody doesnt do a danm thing for his kid!! Instead cody lets his daddy take on all the responsibility he should be taking and cant . so I give it maybe a year and his kid wont even know who he is!!! Instead of growing up and raising his son he is out gallavanting around downtown kelowna smoking meth with him and his buddy’s. Lives in a a drug house right on the corner or ethel and morrison . he cant stay faithful if his life depended on it. He uses and cheats everyone in his life. He owes hundrred of people money. All from borrowing for drugs. And obvs has so intention of paying anyone bAck! I used to think he would smarten up eventually but unfortunately he doesn’t. Sometuing needs to be done about him. And ladies need to know. To stay awaee$!!!!! I

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  1. WondertitsOctober 31, 2018 at 9:38 PM

    This is Hayden that wrote this, isn’t it?

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