John Maxwell — Dirty installer

John Maxwell — Dirty installer

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Kelowna floor layer sleeps with anything that walks. His favoite choices are prostitutes/beach bunny’s and anyone who with crack or heroin. He came home from Alberta a few years ago sporting harpies from one of his transience. Mr. John Maxwell newest victim Leanne Ogrady works as an esthetician in Penticton so beware ladies. She being the one that he ran to after marrying a woman he was with for 5 years and then left her 3 weeks later, broke, homeless and what a job because he made her quite. he’s refusing to pay alimony or help her in anyway what so ever. He has turned her family against her and even went as far as calling the police with a fake suicide attempt call on this poor girl. So beware of this 36 year old karizmatik piece of work who is Mommy actually covers and lies for him.

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  1. AnonSeptember 1, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    Lolol wow, that’s quite a one-sided vindictive little tale! The poor ex wife in this fairytale is actually a psychotic bitch hell-bent on destroying her ex and anyone even remotely associated with him. Their wedding? He was hammered on a days-long bender and regretted the moment he was sober. The claim they were together 5 years? Nope, the only time in the last year was when he was drunk out of his face…which tells you how much poor Connie actually meant…a warm hole to jam it in when blitzed. The entirety of this post is based on a crazy b1tch who cannot get over the fact her ex only married her when he was blackout drunk and wants nothing to do with her insane a55. Oh and her family he turned against her? Might have something to do with her being arrested for threatening to burn her brother’s house down #byeb1tch

  2. Your a goofJuly 30, 2018 at 10:58 PM

    I’m a goof!!!

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