Leanne baillie McGillivray aka Lyka of Kelowna

Leanne baillie McGillivray aka Lyka of Kelowna

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Leanne Baillie McGillivray aka Lyka is a f**ked up Pepsi meth floozy posing as Christin girl and a wanna be singer. Stay clear. She will sleep with anyone for drugs and sells herself as a floozy online. Google her on Backpage. White Egyptian chocolate will do anything. She is full on cray and will ty and sleep with all your friends and girlfriends. Or all your guy friends at once.


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  1. Mary MagdaleneDecember 14, 2017 at 8:47 AM

    First of all I know Leanne and she is a phenomenal singer! She has opened for many large bands like Bif Naked, Dr. Hook, Dead On Arrival, Wide Mouth Mason and The Tragically Hip. She was on Canadian Idol and is working with a Record Label in Toronto as well as making an EP with a Los Angeles producer. Secondly, she met a guy named Doug Weibe on POF and when she wouldn’t sleep with him he threatened to call the ministry on her and report her drug use so that she would have her kid taken away. She is a great mom and everyone who knows Leanne knows she is a clean and sober living person now who put herself in rehab in Vancouver after she met up with an old schoolmate who pretended to be clean and sober. He kept her hostage for six days with a hammer and on Meth until she escaped with her child, surrendered guardianship and got herself off the meth and is now a professional singer pursuing her music career. This schoolmate’s name is Nathan Christmann and he has been in love with Leanne forever. When she saved her child’s life and her own by outsmarting this rapist he messaged 100 people on Facebook that she was a rat for calling the police on him and when the rcmp showed up to arrest him he ran out the back door scared sh*tless like the coward he is. The ministry calls Leanne a hero and you fools are just jealous of her success. Blah blah blah get over her already and move on with your lives because she has and is doing extremely well.

  2. Mario kartOctober 17, 2017 at 3:48 AM

    Oh my God I can’t believe this floozy is on here she was being pimped out in Kelowna by some loser and then she somehow ended up in Vancouver and was being pimped out there she’s just a traveling floozy. I’m really surprised that she’s actually alive considering the amount of dirty old men she’s slept with without condoms and all the drugs that she’s done it’s almost a miracle