Shay chomyshen — Washed up useless ditchpig

Shay chomyshen — Washed up useless ditchpig

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pig comes from creston BC, lives in beaverdell BC, calls herself a high end floozy, but the useless Sloot has more DRDs then anyone I know, she can’t even get a call out, so she tries scamming not so smart guys online, I got my kids to care for, to stuck on side road with no gas or flat tire…. Or tries black mailing them saying she will tell their friends and family they pay for sex if they don’t give her money… Spends more on doing blow then she does on taking care of herself. Uses anyone that comes her way. Tries to buy her friends with blow and beer. She douches with tea tree oil saying it cures all DRDs but in reality shes grosser then any floozy in the lands …. 24 years old and she can’t even hold down a real job. Still lives off of Mommy’s money can’t even get Paid as the Sloot she is cuz shes too used and stinky… She dont use rubbers on her clients and she only passes the stank to her boyfriend whos too stupid to leave the tramp…. Wash out boys and men, not only will she pass her nasty DRDs on she’ll leave u broke and with nothing… And still play the poor me card. She drives with no licence and drinks and does blow while driving has no regards to anyone else’s safety. Hide your kids, hide ur wife, hide your husband this ho is coming to scam and rape everybody…

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  1. DoItRightFebruary 14, 2019 at 1:11 PM

    Bad outfit… Body from right above the belly button down, pretty nice. From that point up, pretty rough, she needs to grow up and ditch the hair color made for 19 year olds.

  2. PssylkrNovember 12, 2018 at 4:58 PM

    She don’t look bad. Again I think this is a bashing site for people to just slander others.
    Notice how there is never any fact, all speculation.
    Maybe she’s better than the one who posted this.