Cheating Bastard & Low-Life: Alex Enright

Cheating Bastard & Low-Life: Alex Enright

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This f*cking piece of sh*t acts like he’s the nicest guy around Kingston and his sh*t don’t stink! Well I can tell you that he is far from “nice” and would take any opportunity possible to use and abuse anyone he’s with. From girls he grinded and made out with at the club well he was taken, to the women he’s been with in relationship’s with. Especially his ex-fiancee whom he left by making a phone call for f*ck sakes!! And if you don’t look out for this dude your girlfriend or wife could be next! I’m happy we aren’t friends anymore because I don’t see how anyone could trust what he says.

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  1. DisgustedAugust 26, 2018 at 12:08 PM

    What a cheating pos. He’s been with that Melissa tramp for 10months and letting himself be manipulated by that bitch. He has lied and lied yold his ex that she would still be considered a mother to his daughter but that tramp convinced him that she was better and now his ex can’t even see of talk to his daughter. This poor child is being traumatized and not even being care of properly and dropped of and different friends and makes excuses for not seeing his son. He is immature and needs to grow up

  2. Not surprisedMay 18, 2018 at 7:25 AM

    I’m not surprised this dick is up here. It’s about time. And right after his homewrecking tramp got put up too. He left his girl for a fugly bitch too. I’ve seen them downtown together so many times with their disgusting flirting. Knowing he had a woman its enough to make me vomit. You don’t grind and feel up women when you have a fiancee at home. Take your woman out and grind up on her ass not some ugly tramp!

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