Andria Kidd — Tit For Tat Bitch

Andria Kidd — Tit For Tat Bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets start back about 8 years ago give or take. Andria was living the dream she always wanted. She had her kids taken away by children’s aid. Now you might ask why this was a dream of hers? Now she could freely do all the heroin she wanted without the added responsibilities of her dear children she “loves” fast forward to today. The heroin junkie still tries to sell her emancipated body to whatever lowest bidder she can find. Shes still banging needles look closely at the second on it you can see the needle in her hand. She’s the one who posted her cousin two days ago. After stealing thousands of dollars from him and his daughter. After the countless times he’s covered for the stupid b1tch her biggest game is destroying his life. If you ask me the Apple don’t fall far from the tree..he dad is the infamous Robb Kidd of Kingston. I’m fairly confident she’s just in love with her cousin and is trying to fulfill her sick twisted fantasies of being with him

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  1. Billy BirkAugust 12, 2018 at 9:19 PM

    She is a slore, she sells herself under the name of Lexus. Why anyone would pay $240/hr for her dirty needle poking drd skeletor body is beyond me.

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