Aria Quinn of Kingston, Ontario

Aria Quinn of Kingston, Ontario

Hey Nik, This one is a low life if there ever was one. Aria Quinn AKA Bonnie had her name legally changed because she tarnished the first one so bad. I am sure she is due for a second name change soon. She was a known P4P who is currently ripping off ODSP while living with her common law boyfriend who works under the table. She hangs out at home all day popping pills until she is broke and then sells them and buys more illegally when she runs out buy pawning her personal items and taking out cash advances all over Kingston she doesn’t pay back. She keeps changing addresses because she is skipping out on rent and has had everything in her name disconnected and has to use her friends to put her bills in their name.

Beware, she will run the bill up in your name and won’t pay you back. She accuses her ex of all sorts of nasty things that are not true. After she left her ex to move in with another man, she alienated her daughter from him, then threatened to bash his new born baby’s head in. Then took half his military pension, But trust she found a loop hole to how she could continue receiving ODSP. Talk about good use of our tax dollars right there. Even her own daughter won’t talk to her because of her drama and crazy outbursts. You might as well call her youngest daughter Cinderella, as she has to stay home every time her mom is mentally unstable (a few times a week) and then when there are chores to be done around their disgustingly filthy home. She claims to be this yoga teacher/raki master lol. What a joke. She is just a toothless pill popper who begs the pharmacy every month for her pills.

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  1. billyApril 13, 2018 at 9:40 PM

    Hey what’s up him hit me up

  2. Dirt McGurtOctober 6, 2017 at 10:53 AM

    Is her birth name Snyder? Sounds like she’d fit right in with them.

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