Blu skye — When sex is more important than your children

Blu skye — When sex is more important than your children

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is all over social media showing her whole body other than her stomach cause even though she’ll brag about her abortions, she’ll call the kids cas took from her her neice and nephew when everyone knows those kids came from her stretch 7mark filled tummy. She has a bf but since he swings both ways she spends all her time smoking drinking and being a slore while he supports the hotel they live in. Been seeing a counselor for over a decade and still the most fuked up individual, stay away

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  1. Spelled my name wrongDecember 10, 2018 at 5:59 PM


    Got my name wrong.
    Got my city (actually, entire province) wrong.
    I’m an internet thot showing off my entire body because I’m damn sexy, belly included :*

    I don’t do therapy, I don’t do meds.

    I live in an apartment that used to be a hotel in the 1920’s, classy af, I love it here :)

    & The whole reason this post was made with misinformation and OLD pictures of me is because I found Lindsy Lobo & her welfare boyfriend Michael Spruitenburg on here. The fat cow wouldn’t stop following me around online so I plastered her post all over the internet.

    Guess this is her response to that, good job Lindsay Hill, now go eat some celery & lose some weight. Stop QQing over woman who intimidate you sexually.