Charlie Jean Lameront — The Baby Boy Murderer

Charlie Jean Lameront — The Baby Boy Murderer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well let’s see, Baby 1: She let her constrictor snakes smuggle and “babysit” her baby while she left the house to go shopping. Keep in mind that at the baby’s celebration of life, she wasn’t sad or upset, etc.. No no she was all smiles and jokes. Baby 2: When she lived in a building with stairs, she got the baby all dressed and bundled up in his stroller.. And oops, the baby “accidentally” fell down the stairs. Baby 3: Her parents have full custody and she (the baby boy murderer) has nothing to do with her kid, but is more interested in baby killing animals.

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  1. JoseJuly 29, 2018 at 7:03 PM

    Is this really true that she is responsible for 2 babies death? And yet not in jail ?

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