Chatale lavoie — Does anything for money.

Chatale lavoie — Does anything for money.

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Always at it be advised this girl is still a sloozy Chantel has five baby daddies she gets public assistance in works one day a month but on the side she sloozyz she has a new vehicle to pay off she’s a complete Dirtbag good bitch of Kingston homewrecker just a piece of garbage who has the cops on speed dial lol. You been warned

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  1. Yahoo i made the dirtyNovember 6, 2018 at 5:57 PM

    Lucky that i don’t give a crap about the poster. As she has her own dirty. But i can’t be bothered to write about her since it would hold more truth then what she post about me. Just shows her jealousy, posting about me and her ex husband. Who left him for 2 guys before i met him. So there is no homewrecking on my part. As before seek some help Vicki Genge. You made your choices.