Chris Bartlett — Stay Away

Chris Bartlett — Stay Away

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy thinks he is a player will be all sweet tell u date him then avoids you he will see you at Walmart when he is with another girl and pretends he dose not now you he lives in mommys basement said she is there to help her pit bull sh1t he is there to play all these girls he will buy you flowers and try and get in your pants min you don’t let in he moves on to his next girl he likes girls 17 and he is almost 28 he is a pig he has DRD he gave my friend it stay away from this studdering basterd unless you want DRD and be played he is scum hangs around Tim hortans in napanee to watch all the young girls walk by he is a pedo and needs to be in jail

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  1. EducationSeptember 9, 2018 at 9:56 PM

    Go back to school b1tch. You wrote like a dumb slore