Jacob Clarke the woman abusing psychopath!!!

Jacob Clarke the woman abusing psychopath!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY:Beware!! Jacob Clarke is not a good guy nor is he safe to be around he is destructive and truly believes it’s okay to beat woman and use them like they are worthless, he’s explosive and very obsessive because once blocked he begins making new accounts in order to contact you, and everyone needs to be aware that if he contacts you, do not respond regardless of how nice he may seem at first because it will change! He has not only done this to me but also to multiple other people and if given the chance he will do it again!! I’m here to bring light to this woman abusing psychopath piece of sh1t. Hopefully people will heed this warning and steer clear of this loony !!! Jacob moved here over the summer with his grandmother from the states (North or South Carolina??? Not sure because he says a different one every time) Since August this year Jacob has been in two relationships ( that I personally know of) that ended in assault. The first person didn’t press charges or go to the authorities because they were convinced by a close friend that they were overreacting when he grabbed them by the throat and threatened them for trying to leave his house. The second girl he hit during a fight and when she tried to leave he hit her again and forcefully grabbed her. When she threatened to scream for help and he told her if she did he would kill her and his voice would be the last she heard , and to win her back he decided to drink vape juice (uhhh ew?) to “try” and off himself (he really just wanted her to feel bad so she would come back). The second asult he laid his hands on her friend and he smashed out her back window of her car, somewhere in the mix her phone was destroyed, one of her tires, and her vape, all of this lead him to be dragged out of his house and hauled off to jail. He’s currently up on 8 charges. He has multiple Instagram Snapchat and Facebook accounts that he uses to harass people after they block him. If he tries to talk to you do not reply!! Block him immediately! He is dangerous and manipulative.


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