Kathryn (Kathy) Elizabeth Anne Smith Perras — Formerly Of The Healing Room Now Of UNLICENSED Tranquility Wellness Spa Steals From Her Customers And Does Not Pay Her Suppliers

Kathryn (Kathy) Elizabeth Anne Smith Perras — Formerly Of The Healing Room Now Of UNLICENSED Tranquility Wellness Spa Steals From Her Customers And Does Not Pay Her Suppliers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kathy, or Kate as she goes by on Tinder (50 year old overweight b1tchy woman with caked on makeup, trying to score. What a catch!) is a dirtbag dreamer who is as crazy as they come. Kathy for years has had grand dreams but never enough money for any of it. She lost her business in North Bay from being an idiot with her money. Then in Petawawa, she decided to use a customers credit card that was left behind to go on a shopping spree and purchase spa products, without the customer knowledge of course, because that is what scumbags do. She would call clients names as soon as they left the spa, and talk about them behind her back, things like calling them fat, saying a mom with four kids should have had her tubes tied after the first one, and even nastier things than this. But never to the customers face because Kathy is a two faced b1tch. Kathy had her animals, including her horses in Petawawa taken away from her due to neglect and abuse. She never cleaned up their horse sh1t and her “farm” was a horrible pig stye with the stench of rotting feces emanating from it, so badly that her neighbours complained, which lead to the horses being rescued. Kathy lost her farm, lost her business and her truck was repossessed because she can’t manage her money and she likes to pretend she has lots of money but she’s really dirt poor because of her own money mismanagement. Kathy’s business went under, she didn’t pay her staff nor her suppliers. Kathy owes CRA a tonne of money. She declared bankruptcy and lived in a filthy apartment where her hydro was cut off because she didn’t pay, but she drove her truck around like she was Ms. Money Bags. She doesn’t want her friends to know what a scumbag she is and what little money she really has. And the worst part is, Kathy still thinks she is hot sh1t. Full of sh1t perhaps. She goes through friends like she goes through toilet paper. Haley Jones (also from Petawawa) and Kathy would sit and gossip for hours, but Kathy didn’t know at the time that Haley likes to post everything on social media, so that came to bite her in her big fat rear end. Kathy acts like she’s friends with people like Tonia DeMont, Tanya Watson (in Kathys words “what a fat bitch bride”), Debbie Singer, Jennifer Shainline, Tony Ambs, and she even trash talks about her brother, Brad behind his back. Her husband, David Perras, left her because she was such a b1tch to him, always yelling and screaming and swearing at him for no reason especially when her spa, The Healing Room in Petawawa, was having money problems, which was chronic. No wonder he worked out of town for so many years. It’s probably the only reason their marriage lasted as long as it did. Her poor sons had to listen to their mom screaming and being a total b1tch for so many years. It’s no wonder their girlfriends can’t stand Kathy. Kathy is addicted to antidepressants and used to see a shrink for counselling, but clearly that did not work because she’s still seriously messed up. Can you blame her husband for leaving her? Now she has moved to Kingston and is renting a house and running Tranquility Wellness Spa out of it, without permission from her Landlord and without a license from the City of Kingston. SO much for health inspections. Oh yeah, did I mention how FILTHY her farm was when her horses were taken away from her? So much for being a “clean freak” like she claims on her facebook spa page. More like just a FREAK! A few years go she managed to get her name in the local paper as a “do gooder”, bought a young boy a bicycle. But what really happened is she never paid the store for that bike, after getting the good publicity in the local paper, as the “Owner of the Healing Room”. Kathy lived for years in Petawawa, Ontario but had to leave because she was quickly getting a name for herself. Her credit score is ruined, no one there would rent to her, she owes money to suppliers and former staff, and to utility companies and CRA. Now she runs an illegal day spa, not registered with the city, no health inspections (how convenient) from her rental apartment, all while claiming welfare and not reporting the spa income. I wonder how long it will be before she gets caught, again.


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  1. Door Bell ExtremeJune 10, 2019 at 6:19 PM

    Bahahhhhahhhaa karma is a b1tch Kathy!

  2. Army ProudFebruary 9, 2019 at 11:32 AM

    Did her beauty business in Pet go bankrupt?

    • PattieApril 12, 2019 at 4:58 PM

      Yes. her business and her hobby farm were both repossessed by the bank. Apparently her truck too. She moved to Kingston last I heard because so many people want her head on a stick she had to leave Pet.

  3. Fridge MagnetDecember 17, 2018 at 1:37 PM

    If anyone believes this trash about Kathy then they need to give their head a shake. None of this is true and how dare the poster say things like this. Apparently who ever wrote this doesn’t know anything about her.

    • Former EmployeeDecember 30, 2018 at 2:48 PM

      Former employee of the healing room here. I don’t know if everything is true, but Kathy did like to talk about customers behind their backs and she really did have the horses taken away because they were not being taken care of. Kathy acts very differently around people who do not know her.