Trevor Sudds — Stalker and Rat

Trevor Sudds — Stalker and Rat

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This is Trevor Sudds. He is convicted sex offender. This low life is a substance abuser, Kleptomaniac, Prevaricator,  Stalker and Informant. In his mind he is not responsible for anything he has done. Every thing bad that has happened is always someone else using him as a scape goat. He has leached on the welfare system while occasionally working for cash on the side without claiming it. After serving a sentence for sexual assault he was picked up for theft while on probation. Strangely enough charges, for stealing approximately $1300.00 in merchandise from Loblaws, were dropped after he volunteered information on anyone he thought the KPD would be interested in. He has stolen from family and friends without a second thought. He can’t walk into a store without walking out with unpaid products. When people have attempted to cut him out of their lives he begins to harass them mentally by stocking them on social media. He has many false accounts online and uses false identies to monitor his victims. He shows blantent disrespect for athority but will call police services in a heart beat when it suits him. He will put out a tough persona but when confronted will wither away like the spineless rat he is. Steer clear of him if possible.

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  1. Super womenDecember 26, 2018 at 9:53 PM

    He is hot