BriCON-artist Shannon Walls

BriCON-artist Shannon Walls

THE DIRTY ARMY:This is Shannon walls aka the con artist. she lives in Kitchener Ontario and owns a very profitable contracting company named Bricon Contracting, and is also a property owner/slumlord for both a commercial and residential building. One would think that owning a successful contracting company would be beneficial when it comes to managing a rental property. However, the only one benefiting is shannons pocketbook. Shannon uses her business name and employees to do work and “repairs” for her rental property. The outcome of which has resulted in multiple infractions from bylaw and ESA, completing work without permits or inspections and renting out an illegally converted triplex. Tenant complaints are ignored, dismissed or met with a quick fix of spray foam here and there. When the rats chew through the spray foam, and you get sick of living in an apartment that doesn’t meet the minimum safety standards, don’t call bylaw or try to enforce your rights!! Because in the past when tenants have done so Shannon retaliated by taking away basic necessities and amenities that are included in the rent. She will turn off water access outside, lock you out of the laundry room, remove the clothesline. If that doesn’t make you move out, she uses all the extra time she from neglecting her duties as a landlord to insult, demean and belittle you while she tries every effort to have you evicted. She thinks that because she has money that makes her better than someone who doesnt. And god forbid you are a young mother on assistance suffering with your mental health.. Shannon takes the words conceited and self important to new levels. She views herself as above and better than anyone who lives below the poverty line. she thinks anyone who doesnt have a paying job is deplorable and useless. and unless you have money you arent a contributing member to society. And just when you think that you should stick up for yourself and tell someone about whats going on- she tries to defame your character, and spreads lies in an attempt to discredit you and silence any attempt to stand up for your rights. She thinks that because her business donated money to local charities that somehow makes her a good person. Lets face it, Shannon, we all know you only donate money to cash out on your tax return and make yourself look good at the same time. So unless you enjoy spending 1000 on run down overpriced housing, rodents and belligerent neighbours, Id steer clear from renting from Brinnon Holdings, doing work with Shannon Walls, or hiring Bricon contracting.

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  1. MakeAWishNovember 20, 2018 at 7:02 PM

    LOL! I work for a contracting company in Cambridge and we’ve heard stories about this company. I didn’t think they were true until I read this. I’ve heard she’s one of the most ‘professional’ woman you’ll ever meet. We have had a couple jobs that were previously customers of hers who gave up trying to have them come and fix the job they did. Crazy stuff. Hopefully this warns people. And I’ll have to check out reddit. Is it a website?

  2. spinning666November 17, 2018 at 4:53 PM

    Lol, one quick google search reveals some AWFUL pictures of the spray foam the OP posted about.. I also noticed a post on reddit about her.. so she must be doing this to a few ppl

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