Britton Chenier — Homewrecking sloot

Britton Chenier — Homewrecking sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick makes her way around this city one d1ck at a time! She couldn’t care less if those d1cks are married, or taken or single! Zero self respect. Zero shame!! The worst is that she’s a mother to a little girl. Wonder how she’ll turn out?! Rumour has it she’s got the drd but doesn’t disclose to her partners. Tries to get $ out of whoever will give it to her, I’m assuming by the sores on her face it’s for an addiction of some sort. I don’t understand how she gets so many men, she’s shaped like a potato and looks like an ogre. Her body’s covered in scars from different surgeries and if you’re interested in fuking this one you’ll have to lift that big pouch gut first!! Nasty inside and out if you see this one on dating sites RUN before you catch her cases.

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  1. Captain crunchApril 8, 2019 at 5:37 PM

    She lures so many guys in because she posts fake a5 photo shopped-to-sh!t, smothered in makeup photos (like tones of girls do out there…and old pics. And yes she has a small daughter. And she’ll send strange men she doesn’t know pictures of her with her daughter using snap chat filters this girl is a nasty pig for sure.

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