Adrian Henry of Kenora

Adrian Henry of Kenora

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Adrian Henry is nothing but a deadbeat useless baby daddy. He truly gives all native men a bad name in Canada. He hasn’t tried once to see his daughter. He ran off from or try to support her in any way. He pretends to be this amazing father who supports and takes care of his kids when he really just makes them sleep so he and his owner Amanda can take off from their kids to get wasted. He says she abuses them, but he won’t do anything to try help them. Also he claims he has to hire people to clean her dirty home…sad. He also says he owns a home with his first ex Adriana and pays her child support for the kids that are not even his; however, still he cannot take care of the children he knows is his. I also feel sorry for his daughter with Sunny who also has to listen to his lies of actually making time to see her, but he’s too busy looking for short term relationships to fill the void because nobody loved him as a child or stuck around. Anyone desperate enough to stay and put up and listen to his lies, you need help (Connie). He tells each new relationship the same thing over and over, so don’t think you’re special with this guy. After he’s done with you, though, he will tell everyone you’re crazy. Adrian, I just want child support.

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  1. rottenlouieDecember 7, 2018 at 3:21 PM

    I’ve seen that toolkit in Dryden before.
    He looks like a real beaner !

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