Amanda Magnusson — The Laughable “Boss Babe Mama”

Amanda Magnusson — The Laughable “Boss Babe Mama”

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is damn crazy. If u haven’t heard of this woman I’m amazed .. She “runs” a local business in Selkirk that’s a f****** mess. She stole clients from other salons (pissed them off) , it’s dirty , gets bad reviews frequently and she continually loses staff bc she’s attempting to run the business from home and doesn’t have a damn clue what she’s doing .. so she (a 27 yr old) has mommy run it for her .. She threatened to kill her child (which she fooled her longtime bf into having by having an “oops” baby bc he wouldn’t propose) and spent time in a mental facility. They’d kid is like 2 and they’ve moved 3 times .. her blog is copied off other blogs n rumor has it she’s lying about when her kid was born to make him seem more premature for some reason ????? She also faking problems pretending to have endometriosis ……… that not even half the sh*t she has done .. also what is that sh*t stain of a highlight in the attached photo smfh , she runs a salon for hair and MAKEUp and that’s what she looks like ?? She even getting married soon and rumor says she’s bridezilla !! Who would want to marry that ????? This woman shows this fake feminist persona when she’s bat sh*t crazy and the LAZIEST and most SELFISH person I’ve had the displeasure of meeting .. also if u think I’m kidding about the “boss babe mama” thing she actually refers to herself as that .. this is one person you need to expose the f*** outta

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  1. SUKKUBUSJuly 19, 2019 at 8:34 PM

    HAHAHAHAHAHA she stinks like cheese and mold. its so gross. i wonder what is stuck under all those flaps of skin.
    heard she had another kid. cant even take care of the one she has. total loser

  2. Louise alarieOctober 20, 2018 at 11:10 AM

    I been sleeping with Amanda many times in secret. She was with man at the time. Now and then I be working late at the ierha head office in Selkirk at night, Amanda would come by and we would have lots of great sex in my office.

  3. Exposure QueenOctober 10, 2018 at 6:33 AM

    I need to add to this post bc its amazing and also missing some info…… “Boss Babe Mama”, which she does refer to herself as ALL THE TIME, also steals from her grandparents. They have given her so much money to the point of them selling their home and moving into one of the places she left as referenced above which they also bought for her and her bf to live in at one point. She never pays them back and continually uses them and her parents money to fund her life. She owes every bank in town money and just switches banks when her funds go into the red but runs to ‘the bank of grandma and grandpa’ when she needs to be bailed out. It’s sick and disgusting how long everyone has let her get away with it. She has threatened to kill her child, not once but TWICE that I’m aware of and used that reasoning to get her bf home when he was out with friends. She was taken to a mental facility and posted all over social media about her stay and seemed to be proud of it?????? She has serious mental issues for sure… I’m unsure what her bf sees in her either but rumour has it that her ring that she also displays all the time on social media isn’t real either – ordered online for retail of $150 that I also wouldn’t be surprised that she ordered herself. Oh, and her premature pregnancy… she caused that s*** herself. This b**** eats nothing BUT McDonald’s and junk food all the time and did the same thing when she was pregnant. She never took prenatal vitamins or anything but continued to fill her body with s*** food to the point of her health and the baby’s health taking a nose-dive and there was no choice but to deliver the poor thing early and have a fighting chance away from the toxic mother. She never actually takes care of her child, her parents or in-laws always have him but you wouldn’t know that from her social media posts. In social media circles, she has the perfect life and it actually makes me sick to think of people eating up her BS bc its not true. She’s the biggest BSer in the town and its time to expose her for who she truly is. She’s a liar and the most selfish person I’ve ever seen in my life.

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