Charlene Timchuk-Anderson — Dirty fugly hoe

Charlene Timchuk-Anderson — Dirty fugly hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out this dirty hoe is a bareback champ who says she’s clean and gets checked for DRD’s. The hoes isn’t clean and the hoe is passing her diseases around. This hoe lives in Tolstoi, she works in Winnipeg by Waverley street. The hoe is also going through a divorce.. I wonder why?? She’s a drama queen . The hoe drops man on their a55es after a couple of weeks.With that being said the hoe likes to spread her chubby crouch around..The hoes daughter was posted on here a few times. I guess you can say mother like daughter.. Family of hoes. This old fugly chubby hoe has 3 daughters.. Be careful and make sure to use protection with this dirty hoe. Don’t listen to this hoe when she says she’s clean. Y’all been warned about this fugly dirty chubby hoe.

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  1. Mike CNovember 28, 2018 at 1:37 PM

    This chick is nasty,
    I’m shocked she wasn’t put on here long time ago.
    She cheated on her ex boyfriend with his brothers best friend had a baby with him.
    That’s not it.
    She slept with her ex older brother as well and her ex is best friend. She also cheated on her husband. I heard this chick has warts and herpes.
    I’m glad someone put this dirty chick on her.