Eli Jameson of Kenora

Eli Jameson of Kenora

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted you all to meet Eli Jameson. This guy is 23 years old,. He is very polite, attractive, and great in bed .. Wink wink ;). I wanted to write something about him that I currently just found out. I am 25 years old. I have been seeing this man for about 4 months off and on. I recently just found out from some friends of mine he has a girlfriend… which is a complete shocker. We met on tinder a couple months ago. I was totally down to f**k. He was hot, had his own car, made good money, brought me out to eat, was a romantic guy and was just a prince to me. Since him and I have been seeing each other, he told me he was single, that he was not ready for an relationship witch was perfectly okay with me. I was told by him he did not have Facebook. So we just talked mainly texting during the day. During the night we hardly ever did. I didn’t mind because we were FWB, nothing more. He would come by during the day to have some fun. We would laugh, smoke a bowl, or go for rides. Before he said he had to go to work. I found strange because who has to work at 4 in the afternoon? Or later. This guy is a cheater. I hope his girlfriend finds out. Leaves him when she can. She does not deserve such a piece of sh*t like him. I can’t really say much about him because I cared a lot about him. I am sorry Eli, but revenge is a b*tch that bites you in the ass.. C.T


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  1. LocalApril 10, 2019 at 12:41 AM

    I know this guy, and his girlfriend who just recently gave birth to his second son. Don’t worry girl this won’t go unseen.

  2. The new normalJune 23, 2018 at 5:20 PM

    People who work night shift
    go to work after. 4 pm .

  3. BatmanFebruary 8, 2018 at 4:02 PM

    He sounds like an awesome guy. Shifts vary depending on your employment. You don’t even have facts to back up your accusation, and you throw him under the dirty bus because his life contains more than you? Get over yourself. No wonder he didn’t take you seriously.