Evelina Wiebe — Scammer/child abuser/lier

Evelina Wiebe — Scammer/child abuser/lier

THE DIRTY ARMY:First pic is Evelina Wiebe the one this is about. The second 2 and 3rd one is of my friend before she screwed him over and started alienating my friend from his kids the 4th pic is the last time my friend got to see his kids at a home evaluation supervised. She (Evelina) and those cowards guardians of the children claim his kids are terrified to death of him, and she claims he never spent any time with his kidsMy friend was married to this person. He tried breaking up with her after dating only 5 days, but she always played a pitty party and pulled a guilt trip so he would stay. she wanted to get married. so he thought things might change after they got married…..nope she litterally never got off her phone, so again he asked for divorce, and she would pull the same bullshit making him feel so sorry for her he would stay. They eventually had children after their son was 2 and daughter 4 He finally had enough of her neglecting him and the kids and demanded a divorce. she would do nothing but sit on her phone talking with her mom or texting. (witnesses to prove it) they had got along for about 7 month after she fianlly agreed to let me have my divorce……til she met a guy named Ion Cousin (also on this site as “scams mother of 2”) since that day she has accused my friend of being a terrible father abusive and naglective and started keeping the kids from him, (going on almost 3 years of alienation) she plays the pitty game and the feel sorry for me game. she lets her family and those cowards known as guardians of the children emotionally abuse his kids and the guardians of the children helped her and her bf Ion Cousin set my friend up in a parking lot all caught on camera. they filed 17 police reports against him ALL dropped june 2017 thanks to videos and my friends informants and spies she and her bf were finally warned one more false claim they get arrested. dont believe her when it comes to what she claims about the father of her children as he is a loving father (solid proof if anyone wants to see it) and she always bragged about him being a great guy and loving father till the day my friend left her (not his kids) they did get along till she met that con man Ion Cousin my friend is alienated and she will lie and act like the innocent one when all her friends all turned their backs on HER when she pulled this BS on him she is NOT the innocent one she is a lier and a child abuser (caught on camera she assaulted my friends son during a drop off then claimed my friend did it) after she and her bf were told 1 more false claim they get arrested then her parents staged a break in at their place and accused my friend of it how ever my friend PROVED 100% he didnt do it as his aliby was solid so do not believe anything she says about the father of her older 2 children as we have 100% proof (videos witnesses snapshot messages you name it) that she is the lier and abused and neglected the children She lives in Lorette, Manitoba and i think she may still sell mary kay or some thing like that dont trust her with your kids either as she does NOT do anything with them and does NOT watch them she will just sit on her phone. My friend suffers depression from being alienated from his children his kdis are his life so agian do NOT believe her listen to my friends side talk to anyone that knew them before she pulled this bs on him and feel free to get ahold of me and i would be more than happy to send you videos pics witnesses statements to prove she is a lier and child absuer


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  1. lawlessDecember 28, 2018 at 7:58 AM

    Does anyone know where she works?

    • LycanmanFebruary 23, 2019 at 1:58 PM

      Lawless you talking about this Evelina Wiebe?