Reebs Live — Stank Bitch

Reebs Live — Stank Bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Reebs Live otherwise known as “Miranda”. shes a dirty girl and shes got special wash and pills for her p$ssy and someway somehow it doesn’t work. probably because shes had so many diseases, including DRD. shes had sex with everyone in the community plus some. shes an floozy and shes a twisted mother and for some reason thinks its ok to smoke poppers with her kid in the room with her. everyone in the halifax area needs to keep clear of this ungodly young thing. shes a total loser, she started selling her a55 on backpage at the age of 16 for Mr. Provo. she gave up her kids to sell her a55. she hasn’t seen her kids in months and just had another in july. so her baby father had to fight for them. Reebs has traveled all over the place just to f*ck random guys bare or not. she thinks all these men want her but the truth is Its because shes easy to get all the men have to do is say the right things and BOOM shes sucking ur d1ck this b1tch loves drugs any kind mainly crack and D,s . This girl got tricks cumming 8 or 9 times just for a few bucks. There is so much i could sit there and say about this b1tch it would just go on and go on . but men should be aware of the situation before going to f*ck her you might lose your life instead of just you dick.She spends her days messaging guys with girlfriends trying to get laid for cash. She thinks her sh*t don’t stink but really the smell of her over used cooch gives it away. The girl is nuts and will try anything she can to suck your boyfriend off. All she’s good for is causing a commotion and making PB&J sandwiches. She doesn’t care that she tears family’s and relationships apart as long as she can get a piece of who ever is stupid enough to fall for it. Reebs is nasty

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  1. Bryan DibollNovember 7, 2018 at 11:30 AM

    This looks like a typical little black slore. But I would still screw her. Would have to triple up on the condoms, but she is do able since my wife hasn’t been putting out for me.

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