Tammy Minshull of Brandon, MB

Tammy Minshull of Brandon, MB

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone who lives in the Brandon, MB area please watch out for this greasy scammer Tammy Marie Minshull. She will con you and rob you and she is a pathological liar. Do not trust her at all. She uses people and steals money from them and will use your bank account to cash fraudulent checks. She is a criminal and a thief, please beware!!

–OP how much did she get you for? 


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  1. Sigh79October 26, 2018 at 12:45 PM

    This is sadly so true. She clearly is still the same person she was over a decade ago. She scammed me and a bunch of my friends and she’s known to a bunch of local restaurants as a scam artist too.

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