Belinda hope — Homewrecker on the loose

Belinda hope — Homewrecker on the loose

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Belinda Belinda Belinda what shall I say about you. First off you the most phoney conniving bitch. Belinda likes to come across as all sweet and innocent ya not so much to the ppl the know her. First off years back Belinda decided to go check out a Rez in northern Alberta. How was it belinda did u like the train they did on you? Belinda was a great witness in the stienky trial. Belinda first baby daddy got out he was at that time the town katamin dealer good job supporting your kid. Belinda was then with her husband. Well let me tell u little miss innocent not so innocent everyone was throwing it into her while the man was at work. Belinda loves to have her friends over for drinks and blow. Belinda attended one very special birthday party where oops she did a 3 some with her best friend but instead of owning it she made her friend look like a fool meanwhile Belinda was the leader. Belinda then hooked up with her next victim but wait it’s not the men who are victims it’s the wives she tried to get custody of this guys child you know using her job at core as a means to gain credibility. He left her, oh now she is 29 hooks up with a 46 year old alcoholic that has went threw 3 families and she wanted to take out her IUD for what to have another Baby with him even though this goof has ditched 3 families and has grandkids. She was reported by my friend lynne as her man has already ditched his kids but he plans on raising hers ya ok? So oops they have a secret Little plan brad is gonna go to rehab and him and Belinda are going to pretend there not together until he gets his treatment done. Brads fiercely trying to get a good job so he can support this slore and I mean slore apparently she bounces from d1ck to d1ck. Belinda doesn’t understand that when u go and hook up with guys who are in relationships is probably not your best bet. I think it’s pretty sad that you had to wreck relationships with you conniving manipulation. Karma is gonna get u for all the ppl you hurt especially the kids. Play your roll of good hard working sweet heart when if anyone can calculate how many men and we shouldn’t forget the woman that Belinda likes. Guys need to be aware u think ur meeting sweet when I’m reality your just hoping on the town bicycle I just hope you have a woman who loves you cause Belinda will for sure wreck your relationship. It’s really sad that she feels the need to be with men that have woman. How many more families do u got to ruin before u stop. You and brads little plan to be together may work for now but u will never get a hold of Lynne daughter. So instead of the two of you drinking every weekend on the DL remember ppl are watching and all your sneakiness will come to an end. Belinda close ur legs and stop before u loose everything hopefully child welfare does some drug testing and the dad should get ur kids u and brad can be fuked together

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  1. MeghanNovember 13, 2018 at 6:14 AM

    This one the ultimate kicked in mitt. With her reputation I cannot even believe she is a support worker for people that are disabled. Are they not supposed to learn social skills. Or do they just learn how to spread there legs snort blow. CPS and Her employers should wake up

  2. BelindaIsWideOpenNovember 8, 2018 at 7:50 PM

    That’s nasty little rat looking sister of hers is no better. They think snorting blow and pretending to work out makes them look good. No you’re both the town bicycles that have a litter of kids you can not look after. CPS will be called yet again on you both.