Brad Webb Belinda Hope — Well Oh Well Brad Tried To Make It Official

Brad Webb Belinda Hope — Well Oh Well Brad Tried To Make It Official

THE DIRTY ARMY: So brad and Belinda have been aquatances for about 5 years. On June 7th Brad and Belinda decided to become in a relationship status with each other. Here is the thing Belinda comes across as a sweet girl she had a good husband and great kids until one birthday she involved herself in a 3 some that did not include her husband. There relationship ended quickly Lynne felt that she could be like a big sister and that is exactly what Belinda got. The question is how many time has Belinda been with brad who knows. No one will ever know there really isn’t a lot to say about Belinda that would not hurt her other then she new dam well brad and Lynne were together but still wanted more. Anyway great good awsome fabulous while Lynne and her kids struggle Belinda is using her rock to support her calls are going to me made into any and all agencies if this woman can freely sleep with a married man what else is she capable of? Who knows but we’re no fools and will keep posting and posting. Belinda it’s gonna be a fun and games until the closer they become brad will drink more. Cheat more and control more. But Belinda thanks for taking away a man from his kids cause Lynne sure the fuk will not have her kids around a sick demented twisted sloot like yourself.

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  1. RememberrevelstokeNovember 20, 2018 at 7:03 PM

    Wow ok lol this is some mad funny read. Brad webb is a squdly goof would love to run into the rat. Anyone who knows brad knows he is a drunk. He sleeps with everything and anything for a bottle of whiskey. Has ever since he was with his first woman. Brad do you remember when you were sleeping with your ex trish best friend in revelstoke remember how she took off cause you got her pregnant. Oh wait remember the time you just about got caught by trish but someone hide on the side of the bed? Remember when your health care nurse would come into the house you would smoke weed and have sex? Oh what about you and Louis car accident you were screwing the girl she went running down the highway naked Remember when you started cheating with shawna and the 3 some you and shawna had in the hotel room and you sucked the guy off. You left your first set of kids then you second now your third. I could go on and on but u look like enough of a fool. Talk about anyone doing drugs you are a champ at it all. U just blame everyone else

  2. MeghanNovember 13, 2018 at 6:09 AM

    I wrote this btw brad so first off u should realize and remember that you gave lynne son G which made him flip out. The next day you tried hitting Lynne in front of your sister which you got a no contact order. What was everyone calling you here again oh ya the experimenter why brad oh right cause you did rails of blow smoked meth smoked crack did GHB and drank all in one night. I don’t know this belinda just what I basically read in the text messages and during your calls to me. But after reading what you said I find it really funny. You are drunk pretty much 3 weeks out of a month. You are very manipulative you say lynne is lol your the king of manipulation how many woman do you manipulate with your sob lies so you have a place to stay or free alcohol. Brad your the abusive one and I’m sure all her friends can agree yes she will smoke u back but you have beat her up numerous times. Don’t worry Belinda he said the same things to lynne that he would help her and you would wait for her. The weekend the lynne went to the hat after brad begged her to ya funny she came back beat right up broken glasses. He then told everyone she raped him lmfao at where his moms house? Ppl say that they look like there pets. Funny thing belinda you and your dog really represent each other it’s almost scary. You can definitely tell your the mother. Brad must of been drunk the entire time he was looking at you or he is into beastiality. So funny cause brad talks about lynne saying untrue things hmmm we have all the messages that brad is in fact the liar. She blew things out of proportion the girl woke up in ICU by herself to find out the guy and father of her daughter was in a relationship with someone else? Ya anyone would be pissed. Lynne did not loose her kids brad. Bryce went to drug treatment after you gave him GHB and because of his unsafe behaviour the other two are staying with friends. Due to the fact you were so dirty and shady and a liar lynne is allowing them to stay while she gets herself together, that’s what a good mother does, when the father abandoned the entire family and within two days of being with his doggie oops sorry with belinda lynne is getting messages about how good she looks naked, then in the next breath when you were at work calling her. Now as a good mom which no one is perfect. Making breakfast wow that deserves an award cause your the best. I mean u can’t get any better then making breakfast for your kids. Oh wait why cause u you go to school, and then make lunch then go to work. Weekends beer blow and dick. You are such a great mom. Your as beautiful as your dog. Your such a sucker for sweet talk which brad is good at the start that you will lie with every scum bag that comes your way.

    You can really judge a mans character about the way he speaks about his ex or other woman when entering a new relationship. Belinda for a so called lmfao educated woman you should take notice of the language he uses. Cause he will talk the same way when he is done with u

  3. BradNovember 12, 2018 at 12:42 PM

    Here I am back with my favourite loving fiancé yes I screwed up by posting all that about Belinda and Lynne lynne is the one I truly love she always did everything for me when I’ve been here with Lynne 6 years but yes we have are ups and downs but what relationship doesn’t and as for me I know I’ve messed up but I’m here to make it better for us as for Belinda I was there 1 week did not know much of her I shouldn’t have said that about her I’m back with the one I truly do love

  4. LynneNovember 12, 2018 at 3:54 AM

    Awe poor poor Belinda and brad. Funny thing let’s get a few things sorted out. First off Belinda was a friend of mine, I packed up my tiny baby and drove her to Edmonton to see her dying uncle stayed in the waiting room until his passing. Belinda is just just so perfect as per brad and oh poor poor brad had it so rough. Belinda I lost all respect for after the drunken slore slept with my best friends boyfriend. Yup she has zero class. Now let’s talk about Bradley webb who sits and sticks up for Belinda I really wish I could post everything I received but I can’t. Since day one of meeting brad he has been nothing but a cheat he has slept with numerous girls I should name the ones I know. Brad was doing just as much drugs as anyone else. Brads big story of getting run over by me lmfao maybe if he was sober he would remember exactly what happened. But brads whiskey and slores and lies he tends to forget. I loved every second of him sticking up for Belinda who hopes on any d1ck she can as per a message I got. Brad and Belinda were together a big 10 days in October thanksgiving month the month of leftovers. The most sickening part of this brad sticking up for Belinda is not even the fact belinda is a bad person it’s the fact brad jumps from pu55y to pu55y. But u go brad guess you needed somewhere to stay so what free hotel free pu55y and free alcohol that’s what your good for.

    • LynneNovember 12, 2018 at 12:31 PM

      Oops forgot to add in the perfect mother. The most amazing mother that should not be on here cause her FASD boyfriend thinks she shouldn’t it should be noted that she has had herpies for many years. She does take medication in order to avoid spreading it had brad and herself go to the doctor so she could make sure she couldn’t spread it with an outbreak. Belinda enjoys putting snow up her nose. Someone comment on one of her posts said I see “you” break up once a month so October thanksgiving the month of leftovers. Belinda own husband couldn’t stand even looking at her after she screwed girls and guys he probably doesn’t even know half cause he worked out of town. Oh the lovely threats I received from a bobby measurea lol retard I have all the messages that he said he was going to bring into child welfare claiming meth and escorting lol go hard fools. Then the fact oh her brothers are getting mad and I could get hurt. Lmfao even harder. Brad just told me as well he didn’t even make all the comments it’s was his son as well. Hope brad your kicked in mitt accepts you back after you drank the entire time and quit your job and blew up my phone cause you didn’t want to stay again free hotel free prostetute and free drinks u got it made.

  5. BradNovember 3, 2018 at 10:37 AM

    This lady does not belong on here she is the most amazing woman and mother it’s because of my ex Lynne marshalsay the one that should be on here she lost all her kids very abusive ran me over started drama for everyone including myself has been charged with possession of meth I moved here to get away she caught wind of us together she blew everything out of proportion and she is very manipulative so don’t think this beautiful mother is bad she’s not so sorry Belinda

  6. BradNovember 3, 2018 at 10:30 AM

    This girl should not be on here she is the most amazing mother and was only put on here because my ex was jealous and she is very manipulative and has hurt a lot of people including myself and has said a lot of stuff untrue about everything if anyone should be on here it’s Lyme marshalsay she has a lot of problem she lost all her kids due to drugs and the friends she keeps can’t look after any of them I Brad was doing it all when I was up north for her but after she got drug charges and lost everything I had to leave so if anyone thinks this beautiful mother is bad as it say they are sadly mistaken sorry Belinda

  7. brad wNovember 3, 2018 at 6:39 AM

    this Belinda should not be on here she is one of the most amazing people I know she is the best mother to her children she gets up at 7 am makes there lunches gets them off to school everyday then herself goes to college till1245 then comes home then makes a lunch for herself then cleans up quickly then gets ready and goes to work at 3-11 then comes homes rest and does it all again the next day as for the one Lynne Marshalsay who put her on here she does meth sleeps all day makes her ex do everything very munipulitive and got to jealous and posted this thinking he would go back but after seeing this she has issues and she is the one who should be on here not this beautiful person I feel so ad she is on here because of my ex sorry BELINDA

  8. bulletdodgerOctober 19, 2018 at 3:53 AM

    lets not forget the genital herpes that belinda has to carry around , hopefully she is letting the people know as there is enough people spreading there gaps and swinging there rods and spreading there diseases ,,,, disgusting !!!!!!!!