Brad webb — If you wanna get pregnant by a dead beat have at this one

Brad webb — If you wanna get pregnant by a dead beat have at this one

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Ok ladies here we go with brad Webb yet again. I do not no how much encouragement it’s gonna take for you ladies to stay away from this idk what to even call him. So my name is Meghan I met Brad in westlock when he was with his so called wife or wait let’s just call her his main. Brad has done nothing but cheat on Lynne since the day they got together. But let’s get real about brad. So brad thinks he is a gift to all woman except for what he says is there just easy slores all girls are easy he could get any including me lol as if I’m a lesbian I would never even think about having brad. Brad blows up my phone thinking I will be with him. Nope he is sadly mistaken I don’t like guys, but even more I don’t like guys that treat and talk to woman they way he does. Brads a smooth taker he will call down most of his Girls that he has slept with to gain pity and earn his next victim. Brad is 46 years old a grandpa a alcoholic but still asks each one of his bed buddies to have a baby. Like come on your to old and you have two you won’t raise now. Brad does work when he feels like it. Brad can be extremely cruel and hurtful. He is no support to anyone. He is known to smash around his girlfriends then lie about it to everyone. Brad is a definite momma baby to the point he may die of drinking to much. Brad mom according to his ex will cover up all brads wrong doings. She has complete control over brad to the point he isn’t allowed to make a decision unless she thinks it’s ok? Come on brad grow some balls, you sure use Urs a lot. Brad is on a mission to get another girl pregnant rather then fighting for two kids he raised and his daughter he would rather leave them and onto the next. I watched in the last few weeks what brad is capable of and wow this guy is nothing but a looser. He screwed over the mom of one of his kids. He had an on the side gf who apparently and according to everything I have seen is crazy obsessed he got into some kind of sex thing with another one and then got into a relationship that lasted 10 days without even telling his ex. Brads son apparently is the mini version of him. I’m staying out of Medicine Hat I think with him on the loose and his son that is could be crazy for the ladies. Any of you that have self respect when u see this guy when he flirts with you when he tries to go home with you, just remember a few weeks down the road if your smart you will send him back to mommy. If your not ur in for a relationship with the devil. I am so glad Lynne woke up yes she struggled but really what good is Brad if I could say something he is funny to a point. After you really get to know this pig you will realize he is a drunk, sexual problems, he is evil, his thoughts are women are easy sloot bitches. He is a smooth talker to get in your pants and have a place to stay and alcohol. But remember with all that awesomeness brace yourself for hurt cause he doesn’t make ppl happy her hurts them. Brad is one of the most disgusting ppl I have ever met? Why? Because he has no respect for anyone. Brad should of put his family first but that’s ok brad Lynne despite her troubles is putting that together. The biggest thing you have to watch is Brad doesn’t do anything wrong, he could be doing a rail of blow but instead it’s the sky is purple. Brad could be giving you flowers but not cause he wants to cause he stole them but needed away to sweet talk you into a place to stay and a lay. You brad are gross calling me saying u want to sleep with me. Screw that. I want nothing to do with ur gross ass. After you said u slept with 8 ppl in less then two weeks you brad are a slore, who only cares about yourself. Don’t worry ladies those that need love in less then 4 hours brads your man. Good luck to your next victim glad these girls posted on here saw the light. Any of you thinking or run into this guy run the opposite direction if u stay your in for a life time of hell, you won’t just be in a relationship with brad it will also include his mom his son and one daughter. These kids must want attention so bad cause brad was to busy cheating on there mom as well it’s sad. Hopefully this is it on Bradley Webb for Medicine Hat but honestly I dont think it’s the last. Meghan here signining off for today. Beware ladies he will ruin u if u don’t get out fast.

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  1. Daisy LoganNovember 17, 2018 at 10:50 AM

    Lynne you r the biggest meth head in Westlock you two make the best pipe sharing couple in this town

  2. MeghanNovember 13, 2018 at 6:16 AM

    Brad when we having the 3 some with Serena

  3. I had beforeNovember 12, 2018 at 7:58 PM

    Still atter hey brad do you remember when you lived in the big house in southridge did trish ever find out about the 3 of us and after took your car for joyride.

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