Bradley Webb Candace hobson — FASD TWINS

Bradley Webb Candace hobson — FASD TWINS

THE DIRTY ARMY:  So we need to send out a major public service announcement on these two for sure. So first off bradley webb and Candace hobson and Lynne marshalsay have already been on here. So get right to buisness when Lynne was in jail brad hooked up with Candace soon as Lynne got out brad ditched Candace and on his own words there freaks his main. Bitch Lynne he goes around bullshitting ppl about her saying she is on meth and depressed. Well anyone would be depressed with the shit he has done to her. The latest incident involved him giving her 14 year old GHB. This was his way of getting kicked out why so he could come back to the hat and hook up with the biggest kicked in mutt there is here. Brad leaves Lynne he claims cause she won’t have sex with him but she absolutely is in every right not to as he did come back [redacted] sad but he can share it with whomever is stupid enough to sleep with either of these two. Brad and Candace like to use anything they can to trigger Lynne. They posted a video of her when she tried to commit suicide. Candace will call Lynne in the middle of her and brad having sex. She will message things like he loved me really hard or he makes me cum all the time. Brad stays with Candace for only so long before he leaves onto the next. Candace is just as guilty as brad for there cheating cause if she even thought about anyone’s feelings then she would back off. Nope she envcourages it probably cause no one else wants in between those meat flaps. All I can really say is brad and Candace look like FASD twins where are your helmets. Now just so everyone is aware because I Meghan made this post oh wait brad knows me idk Candace just brad. I bet they will make a post about Lynne calling her crazy pill head head meth head gangster bitch slut whore trust me I have heard and seen some shitty things in life but the way brad treats Lynne is absolutely repulsive….. you know brad how you go around saying she ran u over remember exactly what happened and who took u to the hospital stop pinning your bullshit on Lynne anywho [redacted] awareness and next up will be brad and misty or maybe brad and Chantelle or maybe brad and tabitha or well needless to say brads cheated on Lynne so much it’s disgusting but him and his twin seem to be going strong oh I have included some pics the great ones have major filters good job Candace

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  1. LynneDecember 9, 2018 at 5:53 AM

    Funny Lynne herself hey? Thanks so much Candace for replying to this one, u almost did a good job. Now I’m not gonna waist my time with much of a reply, however yes I got busted with meth, yes I accepted the consequences oops there is more to the story, however not gonna get into it. Brad yes is helping get our kids. What u read is not always the truth.

  2. Lynne herselfNovember 18, 2018 at 1:25 PM

    Me and Brad are back together again and happier than ever. I wish I could erase all these hateful jealous posts I made…i truly love him so much. I just took space to realize that. Me hitting the glass pipe with Justin Badke and tag teaming and sleeping together was wrong. But I’m on AISH living in Westlock and with my love: Brad and my meth. Check my facebook Lynne Marshalsay. I even made the Westlock news for open liquor and methamphetamine possession at a McDonalds drive through. My lawyer used the AISH story and my fine was only a couple hundred.

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