Bradley Webb Misty Smith — Can I have a pull off your bat please

Bradley Webb Misty Smith — Can I have a pull off your bat please

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Next up live service announcement Meet Bradley Webb once again he sure likes spreading around his disease or wait umm who knows maybe he caught it from misty. So Brad gives his stepson GHB has to leave westlock. So in classic brad ways he gets his mommy to save the day his mom then takes him back to the hat where Brad has his usual benders with other woman misty is his next victim or is she no one would ever truly know. Funny cause about 2am one night Lynne looked at me and said I no I remembered that misty but fuk does she look haggard so she double checked and sure enough Lynne remembered her. Tall ex who use to beat her and Lynne jumped in and stopped him. So the thing about misty is this and what pisses me off is her and Lynne had it out on texting and all misty kept saying is Lynne should kill herself she dont care how she does it but just get her done. Well let me tell u my friend is extremely depressed to find out her man is yet with another woman some say they just met misty says 6 months so when these woman know the guy is with someone why is it they keep em around? Ironic hey brad spread it around that Lynne was all kinds of shit. Well u know what brad lost a good woman someone who stood by all his cheating his jail times all she ever wanted was for him to stop drinking. But nope he continues to pick up whores and she is to stupid to let him go so I’m gonna post everyone of these bitches on here cause each one knows that brad has a wife and a beautiful daughter. He claims Lynne does all this bad shit when in reality he is the dirty pig. He sat at there house and messages her that she is a methhead well let me tell you this, who is a dirty methhead someone who sends boob pics and tells her to kill herself while holding a meth pipe come on brad u have no class again this is courtesy of Meghan I’m gonna show Lynne what a pig brad and all these girls are maybe she will wake up and walk away. Don’t worry misty next time Lynne goes to the hat I’ll make sure and send a game down with her for you get some class bitch keep your boobs in your clothes and your meth pipe on the side. Brad once again u should realize you are picking up trash instead of throwing in away.

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  1. WonderwomanJanuary 25, 2019 at 12:43 PM

    Thankyou for commenting…So true

  2. RodeNovember 17, 2018 at 10:55 AM

    Both Lynne and Brad are tweaked out heads and that will never change.

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